Monday, March 29, 2010

no more sad stuff

Oh I am so tired of my last sad post. I must get back to the good stuff.
I will have a busy week ahead, it is Holy Week, and I am involved in the big banner project again.
I posted about it last year. It was an epic process, here, and here, and here.
I have all the banners in my studio right now (very crowded) and I want to repaint some parts. These will be used again as part of the Saturday night Easter Vigil service at the Church of the Resurrection. Also for the Sunday morning service.
Does every artist long to re-do the image immediately after it is first displayed? Or, is it just me?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the sad ending of the girl from the sky

Again, our hero has to find his friend, the Condor, to fly back to his home. He knows he will never be able to live with his love from the stars. But he can never forget the beautiful girl who stole both his father's potatoes and his heart.Along with the research about Bolivia and the Andes, I had to figure out how to portray a condor.

Although a magnificent bird in flight, up close, not too attractive.

The bird was a charming character in the story so I illustrated him with that personality and some spark. I had to work around the homely face and wrinkles.

All of these illustrations were painted with acrylic and colored pencil.