Thursday, July 15, 2010

back to the park

I returned to the park, on a very sunny warm day. This time, I sat on another side of the fountain, in the shade, but somewhat at the same angle. I was in the shade but the fountain was in full sun.
I spent more than 60 minutes on this, probably more like 90 minutes to finish the tree details.
I used Golden Open Acrylics for this open air painting. It does not dry too fast, giving some time to blend even with the effect of sunshine and breeze.
It's an improved effort? I will continue to paint with this method. As the artist says "it is brush mileage that improves your skill."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

outdoors in the park

Lovely summer days here lately, although on the hot side.
I have been reading a book by Craig Nelson, "60 Minutes to Better Painting". The inspiring idea here is to sharpen your skills of observation and decision making as a painter by doing quick studies. These are the beginning stages as I have worked though the lessons. A really rough composition sketch first, breaking up shapes with a geometric approach.
Then, another quick study using what Craig Nelson calls a two-value study. And this is as far as I got in the 60 minutes. I decided to return another day to the same little park to practice the steps again and maybe get a little farther.
I am not at all happy about this first effort, but I am eager to learn something from this book and improve.
Craig Nelson graduated from the same school where I earned my degree; The Art Center College of Design. He also was teaching there at the time that I was a student but I didn't take a class from him, although I remember some other students talking about his class.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sun and sand

Hot weather continues, and drawing this spot illustration makes me wish I were at a beach.