About the Artist

Alternate Universes

Mine, is what this is about. I inhabit parallel worlds, several at a time.
I work as a professional illustrator, specializing in children's literature.
I also aspire to be a fine artist, whatever that means these days.
I really love painting and am constantly working at getting better at it.
Most of the entries in this blog are about my fine art efforts and thoughts.
And I have alternate identities in my personal life, I am a mother of four growing people, and the wife of a college professor. These worlds occasionally collide, create chaos, or...inspire each other.
I have some new opportunities opening up to me... new worlds to inhabit. I have been hired as an art teacher, part-time (so I can paint on my off days!) at a private classical school.  I have become intensely involved with Liturgical Art for my Anglican church (Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton, Illinois). This involvement has resulted in a 40 foot tall banner depicting the Resurrected Christ for our Easter Vigil service. Another ongoing project is a series of 10 large canvases illustrating 10 Old Testament readings. These paintings are now installed in the church narthex.

So the worlds must keep turning, and I have to finish off some of my big paintings as well as plan art history lessons.
I will keep you posted.