Thursday, January 31, 2013

to what purpose?

My second post in the ways and means and purposes of writing this blog.
Somedays I really wonder if it is worth it. I love getting comments (as do most bloggers) although mine are scarce and most of the time I don't think anyone is reading.
I once saw a mean t-shirt that said, "No One Reads Your Blog".
I have a collection of incidents, people, and questions that have come my way via this blog. Most of the time it looks like people come across my blog after a "google" search for an image to use for themselves. This results in my art being stolen (oh yes) and used illegally across the blog-o-sphere for illustrating someone else's blog or website.

I found this watercolor of mine on a pictify page. At least my name is under it. I wonder how many of my paintings have shown up on pinterest?

I have seen multiple uses of this image from a Moody Monthly story that I illustrated. It must be a catchy one, I have come across two different blogs and a sermon posting that are using it without permission.

I was amused when I received an email from Our Savior's Lutheran church in Wisconsin asking to use my pig image as a sermon visual. I gave permission and have a nice letter in return. I wonder what that sermon was like? I think this image is humorous so maybe it gave a good light moment to that Sunday.

Another example that has amused me, is a request to use this line drawing for a tattoo. I was touched that this person would ask me, no one else seems to do that these days. I told him he could use it for a small fee and please to send me a photo of his tattoo when he had it done.

I have had other inquiries such as "I love your flower art, can I use your drawings for the cards I am making to sell?". Very flattering? I said no to that one.
Another query was to ask if a non-profit organization could use this art from my book "How Anansi Obtained the Sky God's Stories".  They assumed that the art was copyright free because it was on my website. I don't know where the copyright to the publisher is now but I don't think they should feel free to use it.
I have more examples, and so do many of the bloggers I read, it is a risk of sharing publicly. It is a balance and sacrifice to show your work and hope for income to result at some point.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ways and Means

ways and means
1. Methods and resources available to accomplish an end, especially to meet expenses.
2. Methods and means, especially legislation, for raising revenue needed by a government.

3. the methods and resources for accomplishing some purpose

I am going with the # 3 definition here, the ways and means of purpose for this blog. This blog is titled  Skivington So Far with a good reason, and  so far we will ask how is Skivington doing?

I am behind schedule, (a day late and a dollar short) on my New Years resolutions. As a true procrastinator I have avoided getting around to them until there is no longer a New year on the horizon.
On this next-to-last day of January I am thinking about beginning my new year. This is a good time to evaluate my busy circle of life, to step back on a quiet grey day in January, and get some perspective on the constant whirl of activity. 

What about this blog? In the whirling spin of activities, what is important to keep going and what could I drop and hardly miss? I have kept this blog up for four plus years and for what reasons? What was my original purpose and why should I continue?
When I began this blog four years ago I wanted to do two things for myself; make an online journal, and force myself to write my artistic thoughts out. Expressing myself in writing about my artwork has always been a weak point for me. I hoped that posting in a journal would give me a boost and opportunity to grow.

Writing out an artist statement has always seemed to me one of the hardest things an artist has to do. And yet, although we artistic types are often introverts, visual not verbal, we still have to speak up and explain to our audience.

Another desire I had for starting this blog was simply to share with others what I was working on.
Often it happens that I will meet an old acquaintance who will ask, "Soo what are you doing now? Still doing that artsy fartsy stuff?" "Are you still umm...drawing?" "You still doing thing?"
Inquiries meant in a friendly way but disconcerting to answer. I have never learned the art of small talk, and will reply with an earnest description that halts as I see them shift and freeze the smile while the eyes wander away.
Now, the blog is the answer. If they really want to know, to see what I've been up to lately, here is a web address. A journal, a record of activity, and a writing exercise.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

ready to move forward

Charging forward into the New Year with all the energy I can.

Doesn't this model look like he is ready to spring up and start running really fast towards his goal?

That is how I want to feel as I start a new year.

(5 minute warm-up pose from life drawing group)