Thursday, January 31, 2013

to what purpose?

My second post in the ways and means and purposes of writing this blog.
Somedays I really wonder if it is worth it. I love getting comments (as do most bloggers) although mine are scarce and most of the time I don't think anyone is reading.
I once saw a mean t-shirt that said, "No One Reads Your Blog".
I have a collection of incidents, people, and questions that have come my way via this blog. Most of the time it looks like people come across my blog after a "google" search for an image to use for themselves. This results in my art being stolen (oh yes) and used illegally across the blog-o-sphere for illustrating someone else's blog or website.

I found this watercolor of mine on a pictify page. At least my name is under it. I wonder how many of my paintings have shown up on pinterest?

I have seen multiple uses of this image from a Moody Monthly story that I illustrated. It must be a catchy one, I have come across two different blogs and a sermon posting that are using it without permission.

I was amused when I received an email from Our Savior's Lutheran church in Wisconsin asking to use my pig image as a sermon visual. I gave permission and have a nice letter in return. I wonder what that sermon was like? I think this image is humorous so maybe it gave a good light moment to that Sunday.

Another example that has amused me, is a request to use this line drawing for a tattoo. I was touched that this person would ask me, no one else seems to do that these days. I told him he could use it for a small fee and please to send me a photo of his tattoo when he had it done.

I have had other inquiries such as "I love your flower art, can I use your drawings for the cards I am making to sell?". Very flattering? I said no to that one.
Another query was to ask if a non-profit organization could use this art from my book "How Anansi Obtained the Sky God's Stories".  They assumed that the art was copyright free because it was on my website. I don't know where the copyright to the publisher is now but I don't think they should feel free to use it.
I have more examples, and so do many of the bloggers I read, it is a risk of sharing publicly. It is a balance and sacrifice to show your work and hope for income to result at some point.