I am a freelance illustrator specializing in children's literature. You can see many more samples on my website.
I post about all sorts of random things in this blog besides illustration. 
Scattered here and there in this blog are many posts and pictures and explanations about illustration and the books that I have illustrated. Perhaps a reader might be interested to see not only the illustrations that went into the books, but also to read my account of the research and methods I have used to work on these projects.
I have illustrated so many books by now that I have lost count. Some were full-length large hardcover picture books with lots of art and very little text.  I have an entire range of books from  story collections with black and white spot art to full-color  Early Reader paperbacks. I have also produced lots and lots of art to go with educational materials for various publishers.
I have posted about many of my favorite book projects in the past years on this blog. Now I have organized these posts into separate pages to read and save us from digging back through all those archives. Book #1 in the all time favorites list is The Fourth Question, a Chinese folktale. Book #2 is a folktale from Ghana, about Anansi the Spider. And #3 is still a big favorite, a love story and folktale from Bolivia,  The Girl from the Sky.
Coming up next will be a page of the illustrations from The Discovery Kids, a two year long series that I illustrated for Moody Monthly Magazine. And another big picture book favorite is The Free Pigs.
I have some collections of posts about digital art and the series of stories I worked on for The National Wildlife Federation. I illustrated a collection of stories titled "Out and About" for Wild Animal Baby magazine. I wrote and illustrated six of the stories myself.
I have also illustrated for Highlights magazine and for LadyBug magazine, those are mostly in my digital style and I would love to show how that happens.