Thursday, October 13, 2011

last night

I met a fellow artist and long-time Daily Painter and fellow blogger last night! I was interested to meet him and had heard that he frequented the same live model head painting group/class that I have been working with.  Here is his blog;
I have great respect for Michael and his painting skill, and so it was a pleasure to be able to work in the same room and from the same model as he did.
And the really amusing part of the whole evening?  My own son, Samuel agreed to be the model for the session last night. I do think he is quite a handsome young man if a mother can say so herself. He did a very good job of sitting for us.
 If you go to the link for Michael Naples' blog today you can see his version of Sam. I was greatly impressed with the likeness and feeling of the work.
I was not able to finish my portrait, but Sam is posing again so I hope to get a good one for myself. Here is the unfinished part to show this week.
I am learning so much personally as I have been going to two sessions of Life painting a week lately. Painting in a class from the live model is HARD work. I make so many mistakes but I do learn from them so there is progress. Michael Naples portrait  was more successful last night for a few reasons; he worked in oils and I have been using acrylics, he worked smaller, half the size of my canvas, his color scheme was more organized than mine, and finally he had a better grasp of light and shadow than I did. I am learning, always learning.