Saturday, July 7, 2012

viewing the Show

Location: Glen Ellyn Public Library; top of the stairs, second floor. Artwork on display: 26 new watercolor paintings of flowers and more flowers by Janice Skivington.

Top four paintings are all Rose of Sharon blooms, they look like tropical hibiscus, (they are related) and they bloom in the hottest weather here (like right now). I drew these from the blooms growing in my own driveway.

Pricing is simple; larger paintings are $200.00 for 16x20 in frame and smaller paintings are $100.00 for 11x14 in frame. I hope for people to walk in, fall in love, and impulse buy. With prices like that for original art, you shouldn't have to think too long

Above; I have these orange and yellow tropical hibiscus in a pot on our deck, just had to paint them! And the other painting I just finished a few weeks ago when the peonies and irises were still blooming. Below that you can see my little brochure stand with my bio and information.
Daffodils and more daffodils. I was on a daffodil-a-day drawing and painting kick this spring. I paint flowers just because I find them so interesting. And, I like to draw from a live model, and flowers usually will hold still.

  I paint from life, not from photographs. Every one of these original artworks represents a moment in time spent contemplating a living plant. Each painting brings back a specific memory, that flower, that day.

A fascinated visitor, oh, it is my sister, here from hot and fiery Colorado Springs to enjoy hot and steamy Wheaton, Illinois.

And here are the two sides of the promotional brochure I made up to give visitors a bit of information...take one away to use as a bookmark, for the library books!