Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween costume

 What happens when a treater tries to grab too much candy! The last trick-or-treater to knock on my door yesterday got tricked!
When my kids were younger I made many very original costumes for them. I used fabric, foam, and acrylic paint to make almost anything we could dream up. I refused to make any costume "evil" though, no vampires or movie murderers! We had butterflies, fairies, tigers, various dinosaurs or dragons, a pink flying horse, a 4 ft. tall wide-mouth bass, a golden eagle, Braveheart, a huge fantastical red bird with golden wings, a peacock, and more that I can't remember now, they were used over and over until they fell apart. This carnivorous dinosaur stands about 4 ft tall and is worn on top of one's shoulders making it perfect for skulking behind the front hedges. It is a bit heavy so needs a larger kid to wear it!
This is what happens to kids with an artist-Mom, and a studio room full of supplies. We had so much fun with these.  ( I had dreams of working someday for the Muppets.)