Saturday, November 30, 2013

thankful for apple pie

There is yet half a pie leftover from Thursday. And so there is something to look forward to when I serve the turkey soup tonight that I always make from the carcass.
We hosted a record gathering of 21 people for Thanksgiving this year. Our house is not really all that large so there was a lot of logistical planning involved.
I baked three apple pies myself in addition to the many dishes brought by all of our guests. It was an entertaining and thankful crowd, and a good time of feasting was had by all.
I sat down with my little sketchbook and paints to make a painting of the remains of the last pie on Friday morning. I was thinking as I observed it closely that drawing a pie wasn't that different from a landscape, all the convoluted facets and edges reminded me of boulders or mountain terrain.