Saturday, December 7, 2013

another saturday morning ironing

Conversation taking place in home of The Artist:
Family Member of The Artist "What (crazy demented activity now) are you doing?"
The Artist (author of this blog) "I am ironing my drawing."
"Why?"(questioner knows that Artist hates ironing )(see below*)
The Artist replies, "I need to iron this drawing so that I can get it to lie flat enough on my scanner."
"Why do you have to iron your artwork?" Family Member still doesn't understand.
Artist replies, patiently, "This drawing is wrinkled because I painted over the pencil work on the paper and the wrinkles show up when I scan it and I want to post this art on my blog, without the wrinkles."
Family Member, "Oh, can you iron this shirt for me too?"

(*) This Artist also hates cooking and most housekeeping chores.