Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Be Thou my Resting

We buried my mother today under a blue spruce in a little mountainside cemetery. Her physical remains are forever beside my fathers in this quiet scenic place. I trust that her soul is now resting in holy happiness joining dad in peaceful worship of the Lord they served all their lives.


Unknown said...

Janice- I remember staying with your family when I was a kid- I think you lived in San Pablo? I had a bit of artistic talent and your mom showed me some of her paintings. I was awed by them- the one I remember is of bamboo shoots- on a roll of, I guess, watercolor paper- I think the painting was of an unusual size (which would fit the subject matter). For me to remember these details after so many years says a lot to me.
I hope you are well- just found your site and am looking forward to seeing your work.
I am sorry to hear of your mom's passing. My mom passed that threshold on the last day of 2002, but dad just passed his 91st birthday this summer.

Keep drawing!
Joe Knight

Zachary Jack Marcus said...

Just a lovely drawing, with such a vivid array of textures and colors.
So very honoring of your mom and dad.
Rest well, J ...

janice skivington said...

Joe, thank you for this kind memory. It is a gift to be able to recall these memories from our childhoods. and it is a gift to share them. I have memories of your family and times in your home long ago also.

janice skivington said...

Zach, Thank you for your comment and for the memories too that we have shared of our parents and childhood. Janice