Friday, May 19, 2017

a tiny complaint about springtime

Springtime! Daffodils! Tulips!
What is there to complain about?
Just this; why does it happen so fast? Why does spring have to come all at once?

I feel like the guy in the zombie movie who is in a hospital in intensive care. He wakes up after two weeks spent in a coma and the whole world has changed. Nothing is the same, nothing even looks the same. And there are zombies everywhere, in all the flower beds, the suburban lawns, the shopping malls, everywhere.
I go outdoors after months of coma-like cold gray winter weather and spring has exploded, tulips and daffodils and little blue irises. Like fireworks going off in celebration but then poof, gone, withered away into smokey blank stems.
My tiny teeny complaint against Spring is that it happens too fast.
Oh, and the allergy season, all the trees blooming at once?