Monday, May 18, 2020

a little logic

 It is springtime and I am eagerly looking for new bright flowers to paint. I spot a lot of patches of yellow and white daffodils in the backyard of my son's house who lives down the street. My son says with great magnanimity to feel free to pick his daffodils and make all the paintings and drawings I want. My three year old granddaughter follows me around the yard worried that I am trespassing and picking too many flowers that I shouldn't. I explain to her that I need to pick these daffodils and take them to my house in order to make paintings of them.

She asks "Why?'
I answer "Because they are pretty and I like to make artwork of them."
She logically replies, still puzzled, "But you already did!"
And then she points to a watercolor painting hanging on the wall of their dining room of some bright yellow daffodils, painted by me of course.
Why paint more daffodils, I already did.
How many do you have to paint until you are done with the subject?