Saturday, January 2, 2021

Rocks for the love of it

Painted rocks created for Christmas for my 10 grandchildren. Each one selected and painted for the individual children. 1. Fox for a 7 year old who is inquisitive, bright, and constantly creating. 2. Owl for a 6 year old who is kind, loyal, intelligent beyond his days, and true. 3. Tiger for a 5 year old who is emotional, kind of scary smart already, and fiercely loving. 4. Bunny for a 5 year old who is soft, artistic, and sweet as can be. 5. Lion for a 4 year old who is fierce, fearless, and funny. 6. Kitten for a 3 year old who is is playful, mischievous, cuddly and loving. 7. Puppy for a 3 year old who asked for a puppy dog for Christmas which wasn’t going to be possible. She is adorable, funny, and the loudest of all. (I have numbers 6 and 7 mixed up in order if birth but they are both 3 years old this year) number 8 is the Eagle. This grandchild is only 17 months old at this writing  but his personality is clearly a free spirited intelligent seeker of knowledge. 9. Cardinal. This child is twin to number 8 and a little young for so much personality but it must be said. At 17 months she has eye catching red hair and beauty.  The red brilliance of a flying creature suits her. 10. Grandchild number 10 is a newborn so I didn’t paint a rock with him in mind. Yet. So I guess more future rock creations to come.  
Each rock is one of those special finds from adventures together, walking on the beach or in the woods. Grandchildren love to find treasures which I pocket and keep for the treasury of memories.