Monday, April 12, 2021

sight gags

"Relish, joy, and pleasure are one solution to exhaustion. So is a walk around the neighborhood, noticing that the daffodils are blooming-+such reliable sight gags with those clown frills and huge schnozzes. Paying deeper attention paradoxically relieves exhaustion, because it awakens us. It makes us laugh. Laughter is a battery charge."

Anne Lamott - Dusk, Night, Dawn: Notes on Courage

I love to see new daffodils in the spring, a major motivation to get out for a run or a walk daily. But I had not thought of a daffodil as a sight gag. Clown frills and huge schnozzes? I had never noticed them that way until Anne Lamott described this. Writers! A good writer makes you laugh, sigh, look harder, and think.