Monday, July 27, 2009

Alternate Universes

Mine, is what this is about. I inhabit parallel worlds, several at a time.
I work as a professional illustrator, specializing in children's literature.
I also aspire to be a fine artist, whatever that means these days.
I really love painting and am constantly working at getting better at it.
Most of the entries in this blog are about my fine art efforts and thoughts.
And I have alternate identities in my personal life, I am a mother of four growing people, and the wife of a college professor. These worlds occasionally collide, create chaos, or...
inspire each other.
I have some new opportunities opening up to me... new worlds to inhabit. I have been hired as an art teacher, part-time (so I can paint on my off days!) at a private classical school. And I have been accepted into a juried show coming up in December. So the worlds must keep turning, and I have to finish off some of my big paintings as well as plan art history lessons.
I will keep you posted.


Trynsimple said...

How exciting, Janice! Blessings on your new adventures.


Unknown said...

You go Girl!

Beth B said...


This is great news! Congratulations. I hope you'll enjoy your students and that they will appreciate all that you have to offer them.

What will you be showing in December? Or will you be painting something new?

I'm so happy for you!