Tuesday, June 8, 2010

demos, and working fast in front of a crowd

Another half-hour demonstration painting for a sixth grade class. I worked from a photo that I once took in  Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods park. I was showing watercolor wash technique, wet-into-wet, smooth transitions, shapes and color. I enjoy working in front of a crowd of kids. It is fascinating to hear their comments and find out what makes sense to them.
Getting artwork to successfully turn out in front of an audience is like performing on stage. You really don't know if it will look good at any moment or completely flop. Talking about what you are doing at the same time, explaining (and being interrupted by kids) takes high energy.
Yet, I often really like how these fast sketches turn out. I am forced to make lightning fast decisions, edit shapes, observe and compose, using all my skills and confidence without over-thinking the process.