Friday, April 15, 2011

out and about and away from the studio

I have hardly been home, and even less in my studio for the past four weeks.
I went to France for ten days with the high school student group (post my sketches from that trip later). Immediately after arriving back, I went into hyperdrive painting a huge banner for Easter services at our church. The painting is taking up all my time now, it is interesting and satisfying. I am working with several artists on this, surprisingly it has been great collaboration on the images. Here I am  contemplating my drawing of a massive figure of Jesus Christ resurrected in glory. The banner is forty feet high and 16 feet wide. I am working from a gridded drawing to get the figure laid out. Christ's face is three and half feet high, his nose is a foot long. It is hard to get a perspective view of it. My friend, who took the photo, was on top of a ladder.