Tuesday, June 14, 2011

away and busy

I have been away on a couple of trips, and terribly busy since I returned. And I really do have a lot of sketches to post, but will have to wait until The Wedding is over. My daughter is getting married this week. This is a do-it-yourself wedding with much help and love from friends and family.
I have planted lots of flowers in my garden, hoping for some color when our guests arrive to stay at our house. I am not a very good gardener, the plants tend to die from neglect or our harsh midwestern climate. But I try, because I really want to have fresh live flowers to paint!

 I am arranging lots and lots of flowers for the wedding party and reception. Buying some in bulk and including some from my own yard.

And my other daughter and friends will be baking about 400 cupcakes. As I said, many homemade gifts of  effort and love are being given. Priceless gifts.

Let us toast the Bride and Groom with all the Blessings of Future Happiness and Contentment.

And here's to a happily-ever-after and a lovely honeymoon.