Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Epiphany Season and three batik banners

At my Anglican church we are in the Epiphany season. This is the time following the birth of Christ and looking at His life and the events. I am on a team of Visual Artists that serve the church with a variety of offerings. Mostly I have been involved with painting banners. I don't sew, or build the things, I just get involved with paint in on way or another.
This season I worked with my teammate Laura, a fine artist herself, and we used a technique that I had never tried before. We used batik wax resist to paint our design and then fabric dyes for paint. The results were really cool.
Here is my design sketch, I kept it pretty loose and stylized.  The subject is the Star of Bethlehem and three travelers/worshipers/or wise people from the east.
Here is one of the three banners on the table, soaking wet as we poured and splashed layers of fabric paint. I think this was one of the more joyful, creative, art experiences either one of us have had. We were playful, and free and it turned out even better than we thought.

And here is a photo taken just before the service began last Sunday.
I also made a chunky stylized marker sketch that was used as a logo in the church bulletin.