Saturday, February 15, 2014

bird refuge

I was privileged to paint for about 5 days at the Lemon Bay golf course.
Lemon Bay is a Fully Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary "Graced by nature with mature native pines, small lakes and ponds, they serve as home to their original ancient Florida Residences — flocks of exotic tropical birds and the nesting aristocrats of Lemon Bay, the white capped American eagle. They're all here protected by this Audubon sanctioned golf club."
Quoted from the Lemon Bay Golf Course website.

I saw the Bald Eagles protecting their nest and I saw two little fuzzy heads bobbing up and down within that nest. It was way up there in a huge tropical pine, but the eagles are plenty big for viewing from the ground below.

I also saw these large black and white birds called anhinga, and blue herons, snowy egrets, storks, and many others. This place is a bird lovers' dream.