Monday, April 21, 2014

Lenten series

Easter is here! Allelujah! The Lord is Risen, He is Risen indeed.

I was inspired during this Lenten season to create a series based on the ancient Kyrie. We sing this every Sunday during Lent as part of our Great Litany.

I take part in a life drawing group on Saturdays, and my favorites are often the 5 or 10 minute sketches that we do to warm up. Every once in a while I sort through the pile and save a few.  I saw these sketches through new eyes as the words and music to the Kyrie were in my head. Sorrow, humility, contrition, gratitude, and worship as spoken and sung through these physical gestures.


anthemsweet said...

What a good idea.

Brad and Elizabeth said...

Dear Ms. Skivington,

I am preparing a blogpost on The Great Litany, and would love to include a link to your Kyrie Lenten sketches. Could I include one of your sketches and a link to your blogsite? The sketches are beautiful.

My blog is

Thank you,

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