Saturday, August 23, 2014

that time I dropped my wet painting

The family decided to have a beach day. St. Joseph, Michigan, is our favorite destination for sand, sun, and splashing in the water.

I decided to take my painting easel and set up to make a painting of the coastline with the lighthouse and the pier that is a landmark of St. Joseph. All was well, until we decided it was enough fun and sun for the day and I packed up to go home.

 My folding french easel is just the coolest thing, I love going out and painting with it. However, it is difficult for me to get the hang of putting it away, the legs are unwieldy and it is hard with two hands to manage the folding of three legs. A minor disaster when the wet oil painting slipped from my grasp and landed face down in the sand. My family were all quite upset until I assured them that I was not too bothered. As an artist I am all too experienced in paint disasters. I can always fix a mess somehow.

I will post my finished painting when I finish my rescue here in the studio. I was able to rub the sand off the oil when it had dried a few days later, I used fine grade sandpaper of all things. I am eager to work on it some more, I was just getting the hang of those waves breaking on the sand and I had a composition worked out with people and umbrellas and all the color on the beach in the background.