Saturday, August 9, 2014

the event last night

The reception and opening night for my art show at St. Mark's was about as well received as I could have hoped.
 I had to give a short 'Artists' Talk" and I managed to pull it off despite being an introvert and totally uncomfortable speaking to more than two people at a time. I prepared for my talk at the very last minute, at about oh, 6:45 PM and the event was supposed to begin at 7! My husband scolded me as he drove me over to the church "You would be late to your own funeral". (Which come to think about it, would be a good thing, how about not showing up for your own funeral?)
Here are some photos, I am so grateful for the opportunity to display my work and for the attention and enthusiasm of all the people who came to the event last night.
A very fine photographer Peter Vagt was present last night and I want to credit him with these photos. Of course I couldn't take any myself and his are really nice. I am grateful as I keep saying.