Tuesday, November 29, 2016

drawing squash

I purchased a carefully curated selection of gourds and squash to use for an art lesson. I teach at a private classical school two days a week. I heartily believe in encouraging drawing from direct observation. Here is the result of the lesson with my first graders. Some of them figured out a way to get the contours in right proportion was to place the gourd on the paper and trace around it. That was okay with me, I wanted them to draw life size and to observe the lumps and bumps, stripes and patterns. The children were very enthusiastic about drawing, using different colors for outlines, and asking for more paper to draw more compositions. 
After the lesson was over, I brought all the gourds and squashes home. They were again used as our Thanksgiving decor and now I'm sketching and enjoying a quiet after-Thanksgiving day. When I finish drawing and observing in my sketchbook I will put all the beauties outside for the squirrels to enjoy a feast.