Sunday, March 1, 2020

Ash Wednesday singing about bright sadness

This past Wednesday was celebrated all over the Christian world as the holy day of Ash Wednesday beginning the forty days of Lent and a season of contemplation, prayer, and self-reflection. Most people see it as a day when Christians worldwide have a smudge of black on their forehead.
I sketched during the service as our priest sang a song of his own; "Bright Sadness". Here is the link to the lyrics and a download of the song if you are interested.
Written by Randy York and Steve Williamson, performed by Randy York.

Bright sadness is a term, an oxymoron, used to describe the penitence of Lent combined with the closeness of God's presence and joy.

“Sad brightness as the sadness of my exile, of the waste I have made of my life; the brightness of God’s presence and forgiveness, the joy of the recovered desire for God, the peace of the recovered home.” 

Great Lent, Fr Alexander Schmemann