Sunday, March 29, 2020

studio church

This is my studio at 10:00 AM last Sunday. I am a regular church go-er. I belong to Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois. Due to the world-wide crisis of deadly illness spreading we don't go to church now, or anywhere else. Yet along with many others I am worshipping with my fellow Christians. I am fortunate to have an internet connection. While I worshipped and listened to the Word of God I was painting. This is the art I was creating last week commissioned by my church to use for the Holy Week service printed materials.  It represents Jesus Christ risen from death, victorious and joyful. He is literally kicking the gravestones out of his way!
Christ Victorious by Janice Skivington for Church of the Resurrection Easter Sunday 2020
A few side notes about the art, it is painted with acrylic on panel. I intentionally wanted Christ to be a man of dark skin. And most likely this will not be used as intended to be part of our joyous Easter services with many people to share.