Monday, September 7, 2020

finishing a thought

I finished this painting this week. I had worked on it last October 2019, during a week spent in Michigan making plein air studies while on the beach in St Joseph, a lovely coastal town along the shores of Lake Michigan. Here is a blog post that I wrote about that week of work.

I wasn't quite happy with this painting when I brought it back last October but life got too busy in the fall and winter and I didn't pick it up and look at it until this past week after I had finished up another plein air painting session in Michigan a few weeks ago in July.

I couldn't leave it.  I wasn't happy with how it seemed as though the waves and bit of sandy beach were not resolved. I worked on it again until I felt it was finished. Another artist might have advised to discard a work with problems and begin a new one but I felt that by tackling an old piece I would learn more lessons. 

And I have been learning a lot. I won't run out of new things to learn for the rest of my life!