Saturday, May 2, 2009

We call him the beast

This is my dog, my studio companion, my athletic trainer, and many other job descriptions. He is also  a Guide dog for the Directionally Challenged and a proven Mood Stabilizer.
I did this quick sketch to warm up today. In addition to his other responsibilities, he is also an artist's model.
I drew this in pencil, scanned it into my computer and added the color notes with the digital program Corel Painter. I then saved in Photoshop.


Jennifer Merck said...

Gorgeous, Janice. I love all the tones.

Unknown said...

I could have used your dog in my twenties...I was directionaly challenged!

Red said...

Aw! I love Hobbes. He looks so sweet in the picture. Did he actually sit still long enough for you to draw him?

Unknown said...

All dogs must be studio companions - mine is too.

I like the feel of combining your pencil work with Painter. Painter has such nice brush textures compared to Photoshop.

Teri J. said...

I love it! My good dog friend never looked more beautiful! Do you take commissions.

Fiona Stokes Gilbert said...

I love this- it makes me miss my two dogs that we lost in the last year or so.

At A Hen's Pace said...

You call that a warm-up? Looks like a great finished product to me!