Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Portrait of a Young Woman

This sketch was started two months ago as a portrait to celebrate her twenty-first birthday.
However, my model was restless and impatient to pose for long. I coerced her into reading a magazine while she sat but even that wasn't enough. She has so much to do! And she is always in a hurry!  
I  almost threw the drawing away because I wasn't happy with the likeness and found too many compositional problems with the pose.  Yesterday while thinking of her, I took the paper out and played with some washes and light and dark effects. Fortunately this is on very heavy watercolor paper and can take some scrubbing and mess.
Today I think I like some parts of this and even more I like how the demure pose, crossed hands, and light across the face echo some of the great Italian Renaissance art that I admire.


Unknown said...

Mom! This is cool. I don't really think thats what I look like though. But, you made me look pretty! Yay! Love you!

Unknown said...

This has a beautiful quality to it. And yes, her hands are posed just like the Mona Lisa!

janice skivington said...

Jeremy, thank you for visiting and for your kind comments.

And Gillian, I love when people visit and comment. It makes my day.

r garriott said...

She seems so serene, like something out of Italian Renaissance painting... although, wait, there's that mischievious look in her eye... lucky girl, to have such a lovely portrait at 21!

Unknown said...

I think it looks a lot like her! Maybe it would look more like her if she'd sat still for longer.

Red said...

Nice. It looks enough like her that we all guessed rightly who it was. :)