Saturday, October 10, 2009

The new design

I redesigned my website. My family calls this effort my "hobby". It is true that I am frequently working on it and months go by without anything to show for it. Isn't it also true that it is hardest to design something (like promotional material) for yourself?
A wise friend finally said to me "Think of it as just one of many websites you will do, not your ONLY one" Good advice. That does take the pressure off somewhat.
I thought about that advice when I ran the Chicago Marathon, (I have finished 3 times now) and it helped to think "this isn't my only chance, I can try again". So enjoy the race while you are out there, don't think of it as the only time you'll ever run it. (Pardon me for bragging on my own blog.)
So there it is, another attempt to show my stuff on my website and naturally as soon as it is up and running I will want to change it all again.


Unknown said...

I like it. What program are you using to construct your page. I need to produce a whole new web site for all my new artsy stuff and I'm looking at all the possibilities and feeling a bit your post is very timely.

janice skivington said...

Frank, I used iweb and I did the whole thing by myself. I had to hire help the first time, this way I felt more in control, but it took me so much time to get it done.
It still has some bugs to fix but I know how to fix them myself.
There are some really helpful iweb tutorials out there, and it is amazing how much you can customize the templates that iweb gives you. Look for the website "all about iweb" I found a lot of helpful info from that fellow.

Unknown said...

thankyou for the lead....

Laura Tabbut said...

Janice I just took a peek. So cool and inspirational