Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blogging through this year

And one more page from my people-watching sketchbook.

I have had this blog as sort of a visual notebook for one year now. I have found the practice to be everything I hoped for at the beginning. I have been able to show my current work process to various people who are interested. My friends in locations all over, my family, (especially my mother-in-law and greatest fan!) and new acquaintances. I was also hoping to make some new friends, among other artists who blog and have so generously shared with me across the digital world. I appreciate all who have commented and made my life so much richer.
Thank you all, and may the next year to come be even more happily blessed.


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed your blog
God Bless You

Red said...

Janice, I hope you keep blogging in 2010. You have a solid fan base now. Love Jewels La Verne

Valerie said...

Janice, I love visiting your blog and keeping up with what is going on with your art! Loved the sketch of your husband at the show!
Love, Valerie