Monday, December 14, 2009

a statement

My process begins in brief, domestic moments; flowers from life, quietly gracing my home. As a painting evolves, contour, line, color, and shape grow to explore the depth of those moments; the floral subjects expand and intensify--tiny details in petals and leaves become valleys, mountains. A floral landscape emerges, bursting. The domestic moment is no longer quiet. Whether returning to an original, wild energy or reveling in refined cultivation, on canvas the flowers sing.

This is just one of several statements that I have prepared. The whole business of "artist's statements" seems sort of contrived, and I have a hard time with articulating a statement. And that is partly why I have been working at this blog, to get some of those difficult artist thoughts out and written.

I have benefited from the help of a few good friends who are more experienced writers, among them one is a poet, and one an actor, a Phd in Literature helps too. I had some suggestions for titles to my paintings, this one is titled "My Heart Tonight".