Saturday, December 12, 2009

post-mortem about the show

What a busy last couple of weeks with the art show and then a week of teaching, including taking 27 upper-school students to the Art Institute of Chicago on the train. Lots of bad weather to complicate matters, trekking through blowing snow and bitter winds to the museum with high spirited 6th graders (they did not mind the weather).
I am finally starting to relax and clean out the rubble in my studio. Art shows are such a huge amount of work for the artists.
At this time, my feelings about the One of a Kind Show are mostly disappointment. I did not make much in sales and lost money on the endeavor. On the positive side, I have many new contacts which I intend to follow up. And I did have a very good time interacting with all the visitors who came by.
Above, one of my paintings, titled "Moonlight Rose" 40x30 acrylic on canvas, framed.