Monday, October 18, 2010


I am refreshed, renewed by my art, re-educating, re-tooling, re-skilled and excited. I have had the opportunity of attending a Life-drawing class these past weeks. What  pleasure to devote hours to intense drawing time with a classroom of equally good students and a great teacher. 
It is just as if a classical violinist was so encumbered with household chores, meals, shopping for essentials, laundry, bed-making, floor-washing...(am I complaining too much?) And so this classical violinist just never gets around to the thing that is most important to her- hours of daily practice with the music and the instrument. Could she ever get up the old skill and energy to perform?
I have enjoyed these sessions so much. We drew hands, from a young violinist model. And another day, just backs, how complicated those bones and muscles are. And another day, just feet, this model was former ballet dancer, which gave her feet quite a lot of personality.