Sunday, March 11, 2012

batik/glue art project part 2

Last Tuesday, I had all my art classes make table runners, napkins and placemats for our school auction. Each class had a theme. The Kinders and First graders made placemats with a springtime theme. I had them trace their little hands and then draw spring flowers growing out of each finger. All the lines were then traced with gel glue on light fabric. Tuesday of this coming week, we will paint in the designs using watered down acrylic paint. I will try to photograph the process and the finished product, but that is hard to do because I am running about all day when I am teaching.

Here is my sample project after I finished painting colors inside the glue lines.

And here is the finished fabric after I washed all the glue out. It just needs a backing piece sewn on and hemmed. Oh, and ironing, to heat set the colors and get out those wrinkles.

I added my name.