Thursday, March 22, 2012

silly Spring

Spring has arrived more than a month early here in the Chicago area.

Daffodils are not only fully up, open and blooming like crazy but some are already withering because the sun has been too hot.
I painted this back in April of 2009. I would not have seen these blooming that year in early March as we are now. Something is not right in the season. It is Too Early.

Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise!  ~Wallace Stevens         

These bluebells are up and opening buds! When I painted these in 2009, it was in April. Maybe towards the end of April, or even early May. Wait, little blue bells, wait, I will still enjoy you in May if you could only wait.

Do you see the date on this watercolor from 2009? April! These hyacinths have already been blooming for a week. Oh, but they smell heavenly.

These are the most intensely blue Scilla. They are all over the front yard, but again, too early. I always await these in the spring with much anticipation because I love this blue hue. They have shown up and bloomed before I had time to anticipate.
A white tulip from a year ago, almost blown open.
Azaleas are open too. And these are usually a flower we see in May for Mothers' Day. Six weeks too early, what is going on?

Primroses too, is it time to plant already?