Wednesday, March 21, 2012

batik/glue art project part 3, in the classroom

Here we are in the classroom painting over and between the  dried glue lines. We had spent a day applying the gel glue over our design the week before, This is my second grade class here and their theme guessed it, Christmas. Every class had a different season or holiday theme.

After all the spaces and bits of design were painted, I took them home with me to dry and then to wash out the gel glue. I just put them in the washing machine with a little bit of laundry soap and warm water. The glue rinsed out perfectly and the colors stayed bright. We had used acrylic paint that was very watered down and I had added some fabric medium to help it flow well.

What a pretty sight! My neighbor had to call over to ask what project was hanging in the sun out on my deck.
They all came out beautifully.

Here is a bit of the fourth and fifth grade class table runner with the theme 4th of July.

And the third graders made a runner with Fall as the theme. Bare trees and branches from their own traced hands and arms and then lots of leaves painted all around.

The Upper school group made a runner for a Thanksgiving table and a set of Thankful themed napkins.
The first and kinder group made placemats for a spring theme. They traced their hands and then drew flowers sprouting from the fingertips.

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