Monday, March 31, 2014


Pencil life drawing, 5 minute pose, Janice Skivington 2014. "Thoughtful about life."

Where would any of us be without the ordinary pencil? Artists, carpenters, philosophers, drywall installers, plumbers, first-graders, dressmakers, librarians, writers of all sorts, all need a pencil at some point (pun intended). In spite of our digital age, there are many steps in most jobs where a pencil is what works first.
Yesterday, March 30 was National Pencil Day. I learned this from reading the excellent blog . If you haven't discovered this leading art blog, then head over there with a cup of hot tea, and prepare to be engrossed for hours. The author of this wonderful daily blog gives tons of information on pencils with this post, examples from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many links.