Thursday, November 6, 2014

pleasantly shocked!

"Hello Janice, Your illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful! I followed the link thinking I would come upon the illustrator to be a black man. I was pleasantly shocked!! You captured african facial expressions so well! I so wish i had your talent as i love to write for children. No reward can be more fulfilling than the smile of an entertained child. Please can i use the attached illustration of the story teller and two children as my faceboook cover picture? I intend to use the page to promote story telling.  Wether your response is positive or negative, i would still like to know if you also do commisioned  illustrations for pay and an idea of your charges.  I eargerly await your response. Kind Regards,"

What a pleasure it is to be appreciated and to get a fan letter. I enjoyed this person's inquiry very much. Surprise! I am not a black man, but a little white-ish-gray-ish (maybe kinda yellowish, pale pink-greenish, depending on the day) woman. I would like to say that what is inside my heart is the really most important thing that comes out in my work. Sharing love for all kinds of stories and all kinds of peoples.