Friday, July 23, 2021

are you still doing that artsy stuff?

Here is my snarky art facebook post today. Hoping for some reactions but seriously... if I post a photo of my twin grandchildren I will most definitely get all the likes, artwork? not so interesting.

Many have asked me "Are you still doing art?'.

Um, yeah like ask me if I still breath, or do I still eat chocolate, or do I still open my eyes every day. I don't intend to be silly, most people are being kind, friendly, and they mean well especially after I show them how many grandchildren God has blessed us to hold.
(on the left, myself, 10 grandchildren, and my husband after a beach vacation trip) (husband is asking me "when are we going to stop torturing these children?")

My favorite friendly query of all time is "Are you still doing that artsy fartsy stuff?".

Yes, is the answer and my shelves of small paintings are getting filled up so I would like to offer some for sale to my fbook f&f.
For the next few weeks I will display a painting every day with a price in the comments.

I think enjoying a piece of art is often enhanced by a backstory. Why did the artist make this? What was going on at that particular time? Was the artist listening to music that influenced ideas? Choices, decisions within the mind of the artist all make part of what you are looking at.  

Here is the first painting to post: Thanks for reading all this if you have been able to get this far!
It's a simple pot of tulips and little daffodils painted from life on a cold day in early winter. I bought the subject at the grocery store and set it in front of my studio window to study.
I have framed it in a minimal white wood frame. My preference. It is 8x10 oil paint on linen canvas. I'm only asking $140. with the frame and will ship it within the continental USA.
Backstory; if you want to read more.