Friday, July 16, 2021

then put this into a painting

 Even though you share countless similarities with others, you are unique. No one has your mind or your feelings. They do not notice what you notice, and do not have precisely the same sensitivities or fears. No one longs to embrace life or ponders death and beyond as you do, No one is human in the exact same way as you are. Once you understand this, your task is to get in touch with yourself. Find out what moves you, what you believe in, what you truly understand about life, who you are, and what this great experience of being alive means to you. Then put it in your paintings.  RICHARD SCHMID 1943-2021

After varnishing day was over and everything felt and looked dry enough and ready to frame, I put a number of the small paintings into simple frames and arranged them on my dining room table.  How satisfying at this moment to look at my efforts from the past six months all displayed like this.  I am unique, no one notices the exact same things that I do and here is a diary, a journal of my past months that is intensely personal.