Tuesday, July 27, 2021

the masked shopper strikes again

I posted about this quest before.  Shopping, lurking in the produce section searching for the best subject to paint from life. I don't care about cooking, shopping is only an occasion to pick up objects and wonder how I would paint that. I brought all of this home yesterday when all I needed to get was a few limes. The limes were large and juicy which made me think, I should have painted a couple of still life studies of only limes, Because I love limes, green and tart and good in a glass of water or a gin and tonic. 

And that made me think, maybe I'll paint a series of salsa ingredients. I did the guacamole series. Here.

But maybe I should substitute out the painting of the red pepper and green onion for a lime or a couple of juicy limes paintings.

Yeah, that's it.

And then I'll do a series I will call my salsa series. Big fat tomatoes in season now! Another tomatillo or two. Poblano peppers, serrano, jalapeƱo, more onions and garlic too.

Grocery store, produce section, most inspirational place in town.