Tuesday, August 20, 2013

artists of Faith

Call for Entry "The works submitted should be in accordance with White Stone Gallery's approach to engage the viewer through content and aesthetics. Selected works should not only be well executed, but also from artists whose approach to subject matter is considered intriguing and noble.One of the programs at White Stone Gallery is the Art & Faith program. Works submitted can also fall into this category. The faith expressed in the Art & Faith submissions must be supported by the Tanukh or Bible."

I was invited by Susan Hooks to submit my work to this show under short notice. (Susan and Derek had just met me at the CIVA conference). Here is my submission entry. (The jury result came a few days later, they accepted #2 "We Adore Thee and #3 "The Waves of the Sea were Hushed".)

I submitted three works to the White Stone Gallery in Philadelphia for their summer show featuring artists and faith. It took me all weekend and until almost midnight to get the whole online process done. Writing statements is SO Hard to do. Writing and rewriting and then editing. Not my thing, I am not naturally verbally expressive, I express myself quietly in paint.
Here are the three paintings. 
1. Title: Bride of Christ
Description: Revelation 19:7,8 'the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His Bride has made herself ready;'
Dimensions: 48inx48in
Material: acrylic on canvas

2. Title: We Adore Thee
Description: While listening to the music of Beethoven, I made a series of sunflower paintings and gave them titles from the words to 'Ode to Joy' 
Dimensions: 30inby40in
acrylic on canvas

3.Title: The waves of the sea were hushed...Psalm 107:29
Description: Jesus calms the Sea and gives us peace. This art began as a painting from living Easter lilies and became a quiet moment of contemplation.
Dimensions: 40inby30in
 acrylic on canvas

References: 1. Revelation 19:7,8 2. Beethoven "Ode to Joy" , 3. Psalm 107:29