Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just Art

I attended a conference in June. The organization hosting the conference is CIVA. Christians In the Visual Arts. 
That definition pretty much describes me too and the location for the bi-annual meeting of this  international organization this year is in my hometown, Wheaton, Illinois. Wheaton College, where my husband teaches, was the venue for everything presented and I only live a few blocks away.
When I first heard about the conference, I was confused. I thought they meant it was just about ART! Nothing else, no agenda, no issues. I was clueless as usual, they meant it was about Justice in ART. What is the role of justice for artists, should we be defending the poor, upholding the law, giving our money to the needy?
The official description in the conference publication is "A conversation about making things and making things right".
Well, I think it was about some of those things but for me, actually more just about ART.
I saw some art exhibits, met new-to-me artists, attended an all day life drawing session, listened to some great voices in contemporary art, met some gallery owners, and absorbed a ton. I will post a couple more bits of experience in the next couple of days. I am now, almost a month later, just beginning to process this time for myself.

I met some famous artists, (name-dropping time right here), these are people who are accomplished and known in the contemporary art world now. Makoto Fujimura, Bruce Herman, Edward Knippers, Tim Lowly, Matthew Milliner, Joel Sheesley, Greg Schreck, a writer David Taylor, and the owners of a gallery in Philadelphia, Susan and Derek Hooks.
I will post some more as I get myself pulled together after such an intense "people" time.