Friday, August 23, 2013

number four in the series finished and displayed

Long promised, but long time getting back to completion: this sunflower painting. I had started this series in 2009, have sold two of them, and my daughter had asked me to give her this one as a wedding gift, three years ago. I promised, thinking, oh, I started all five of them at the same time, this one can't take but a few days to finish. Well, the years have been going so fast, and the newlyweds still had nothing on the wall. 
I packed up my paints and took the canvas with me when I went to Michigan to visit them.
 (Top photo) I had it set up out on the back patio deck to work on during a long pleasant afternoon while they were still at work. Sometime during the weekend following between lots of beach time, sunsets, and blueberry picking, I was able to paint those finishing touches and leave it with them.  
My son-in-law, the brilliant engineer, figured out what needed to be done to get it in a frame and centered on their wall. (And below) The cat, my grandkitten, is naturally curious and seems to be admiring. 
I must return soon to have another lovely day on a Lake Michigan beach, sign the painting and get a few more photographs for my records.