Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Can I draw all day? *

I have a summons to appear for  jury duty service. I haven't done this "most important duty of citizenship" before so I don't know what to expect. Will they let me bring my sketchbook? This sounds like a great day for me to have time to observe people and sketch all sorts of interesting faces and details. Kind of like being trapped at the airport all day, I look forward to a good sketchbook time.

*I should have said it this way, "May I draw all day?"

As I look at the website with my instructions, I am worried. Sketching might be something they frown upon. They don't want cellphones or cameras in the courtroom. Will they let me bring a book to read? I could hide my sketchbook in a book, maybe something innocuous like zombie fiction.

A day where I am not going to have to do my usual tasks at home, where I am stuck somewhere between being busy and not busy seems ideal for drawing all day.