Friday, May 16, 2014

some of my nearest

My sketchbook is full of my nearest and dearest people. Here is one, a portrait that I drew of one of my best friends while we talked all afternoon in a sushi restaurant. The sushi was amazing to look at, next time I will sketch that too.
I chose to add a scarlet wash to the drawing because this lady is a redhead and full of passion. Those who know her might not recognize her in a still pose such as this because she is most always very animated.

My day of jury duty went better than I expected. I only managed to work on a couple of sketches that I wanted to finish, before they dismissed us early. I was never called into a court case for an interview. We were told that the presence of us jurors waiting in the jury lounge caused the litigants to re-think the whole thing and settle out of court which saved the system a lot of money and gave us all permission to go home.
It was a pleasant day. I could have brought all my art supplies with me to the jury lounge and spent the day looking out the window at a retention pond with two swans and a willow tree to contemplate. I actually didn't get the chance to do all the drawing I wanted to do!