Tuesday, May 6, 2014

every year

Today's lily drawing, colored pencil on arches paper. May 5, 2014
Every year I draw or paint Easter lilies from life. I buy as many pots of them as I can fit in my little car. My studio is a fragrant forest of tall stalks and waving white flowers.
I also feel extremely pressured to get some quality drawings from those lilies. It is my only chance to observe them from life during the brief moments that they stay alive.
 I wait all year anticipating the arrival of these plants in stores. Some years I have time and draw a lot of new compositions, some years I have no time between other projects.
This year I am clinging as hard as I can to have my life-drawing sessions with my beloved lilies. A lingering bout of a nasty virus has slowed me down but I am still looking and appreciating while I can.
Perhaps I have waited too long to draw from these. The petals are beginning to curl. Although I do like the extra character the flowers get as they age a little.